Kipp Wick Candles

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Kipp Wicks is our exclusive hand-poured, small batch soy candle line. Every scent name was created based on a true story from our family! Enjoy your clean burning 10 oz. candle for 50-60 hours.

$1 from every candle sold is donated to Melanoma Research in honour of our Dad, Jim Kipp.
Chimney Fire: "When your Dad almost burned down the house and your Mom returns from work and asks, "Smells good in here, what are you cooking?!"
Scent: This fragrance is soft smoke and woods.
Crumble Cake: "It's your turn to make dessert for family dinner and you get a little too over zealous with a 3 tier cake monstrosity. You forget to add a key ingredient and your cake becomes a pile of crumbs with gobs of icing. You serve it anyways and never live down the title of Crumble Cake Master."
Scent: Sweet, rich, just pulled from the oven fragrance. Dark brown sugar, fresh carrots, juicy pineapple and vanilla. Spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, and clove.
Guilt Trip: "You went for a 'quick' visit to your Grandma's house and now she'